Hi Debra,

It was a pleasure to meet you and Dr.Nash. Thank you for making me feel at home. The passion you and Dr.Nash have for sharing knowledge is incredible. You both have inspired me to be a better Dentist by providing more knowledge that has increased my level of confidence.

Right after I graduated from Dental school in India, I worked with an experienced dentist who was in his 70s. He is the one who shaped my career and is responsible for what I am today. I consider him as my Guru.

After yesterday, Dr.Nash would be my Guru for esthetic and cosmetic Dentistry because it truly changed the trajectory of my career and helped me look at Dentistry as a more comprehensive care.

Every time I attend the course, I learn not just the clinical aspect of Dentistry, but you teach so much about the business aspect of it. Honestly there is no point in knowing and doing great Dentistry without understanding the business aspect of it.

You have volunteered to introduce the participants about all the great technologies and measures that you can take to grow. You are full of knowledge I am sometimes amazed to see how can someone read and store and speak so much about Dental field. Again thank you very much for everything. I sure will complete the online review. Will come back for more courses in the future. If there is anything that I can do please let me know!