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You not only believe that peak dental health impacts your patients’ overall health, you truly believe it has the power to change their lives.But clinical excellence is only part of the challenge of operating a successful, life-changing dental practice. It also requires high-level business, management, communication, and leadership skills – skills that were not automatically awarded with your dental degree. But they are skills that can be learned. When implemented, these skills can allow you to reach your personal and professional dreams – for yourself, your family, your team, your patients, and your community.

You pursued dentistry to make a living, to make a life, and to make a difference. Debra Engelhardt-Nash can be the spark that ignites your passion and powers those dreams.

Debra’s Consulting Services are Catered to Your Personal Practice Goals

Whether you simply want to learn skills for increased treatment acceptance or want a whole practice management makeover, Debra delivers. With you, she’ll help you identify your desires and solidify them into goals. Her consulting process follows the same process you use in helping your patients achieve optimal dental health.

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Whether you’re just considering making some changes in your practice or you’re facing challenges that need immediate attention, just call Debra. Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation phone consult now by calling 704 904-3459.

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