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Join Debra and learn how to enrich patient relationships and increase retention, loyalty and acceptance. Let’s ignite a passion for practice excellence together!

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Learn how to enrich patient relationships and increase retention, loyalty and acceptance.

My Purpose

“I want to make a difference in the lives of the people I touch and the clients I serve by enhancing the customer service experience, systems management and treatment presentation effectiveness – to empower Teams to be more effective by cultivating a productive work environment to ultimately increase patient satisfaction and practice productivity.”

My Philosophy

Ignite a Passion for Your Practice!

Whether drawing standing-room-only crowds, guiding teams or coaching dentists Debra’s empowering presentations and game-changing consulting gives dental professionals the tools, the training, the processes and the spark dentists and teams need to ignite a passion for practice excellence.

My consulting approach is like a new patient consultation and examination in your practice. You would not compose a comprehensive treatment plan without seeing the patient. That is the way I work. I believe it is important to learn the clients’ objectives and expectations and watch the Doctor and Team in action – in their environment and then design an action plan that is specific to their goals and their environment. I also believe in adaptability – meet the client where they are NOW and take them to a higher level of productivity, professional and personal satisfaction. Our relationship may begin with a problem focused workshop, a communication skills tune-up or one-on-one Dr. coaching. I customize my work based on the needs of my client.

The Team is an essential part of the consulting process and it’s critical to involve them in the consulting process. I think it’s essential to provide the Doctor and Team practical solutions and training that produces measurable results.

I want to make a difference in the lives that I touch..