15 Customer Service Skills

Stellar customer service doesn’t just happen. Nor can it be delegated to anyone in the office. Stellar customer service is a whole team effort. It’s an attitude of service and gratitude for those who allow us to serve them. Stellar customer service is the effect of our whole attitude toward our patients, our fellow team members, and of our profession. It’s a reflection of our practice culture. It is also the single most important thing that contributes to the success and satisfaction of our patients, our team, and our practices.

As a result of a lifetime of serving our patients in our practice and of working with, listening to, and training thousands of dental professionals following are my top 15 attributes for stellar customer service.

1. Patience. Willing to take the time to fully listen and understand – even when you have heard the same questions 1000 times.

2. Attentiveness. Listen with the intent to understand and not with the intent to respond.

3. Emotional Intelligence. Know how to relate/ ability to read people.

4. Ability to Communicate Clearly. In speaking and writing using positive language.

5. Problem Solving Skills. Proactively finds practical solutions to office or customer concerns.

6. Methodical Style. Deliberate approach to measure/monitor/follow through.

7. Creativity and Resourcefulness. Finding clever ways to go the extra mile.

8. Product Knowledge. Having confidence in what you are describing/protocols and processes.

9. Time Management Skills. Taking care of processes with efficiency and effectiveness.

10. Unflappable. Staying cool under pressure/maintaining professionalism and helpful attitude in tough situations. Handles “surprises” with grace.

11. Goal Oriented Focus. Knowing the purpose of creating a “Wow Experience“.

12. Persuasion Skills. Helping patients understand how your treatment/protocols benefits them and the outcomes they will receive.

13. Tenacity. A great work ethic. Goes the extra mile to be certain the patient is happy.

14. Empathy. This can be learned and improved upon. “I understand how you feel” goes a long way…

15. Willingness to Learn. The most important skill. Learning how to communicate more effectively, how to improve processes, adapt to new trends and technologies. To understand that good today will be average tomorrow, or even obsolete.