Julie Chang-ah Jang, DDS, Harmony Family Dentistry, Vancouver, WA

Debra was my light switcher who turned on the light in my brain and my practice. Despite Kois courses, Bioclear certificates and extensive aesthetics CE course and working with well known consultants, I struggled with implementing comprehensive dentistry in my practice and didn’t see financial awards. Right after Debra’s first office visit, my practice made a turning point. She recognized my practice culture and my personality and goals. Instead of fitting me into cookie cutting system and template, she gave me advice how to implement my clinical skills to grow my practice. Amazing part is it shows right away. She understands me and my practice perfectly. She also built the relationship with my team members so she recognized their strength and encouraged them to be next-level team members. My team loves her. Debra is very genuine to want to see my success and she coaches me the right direction. I highly recommend dentists who want to achieve their goals. I can’t wait to see my practice thrive more and more and treat my patients better and better. Thank you Debra and I am very honored to work with you!!