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Team Training

This program is designed for EVERYBODY in your office to learn effective protocols for a progressive and productive dental practice. Your team will learn the essential elements that make up the refined management and communication skills of high-functioning dental offices. Our lectures and workshops will have focused materials for every team member role in this is highly interactive educational event.

During the Dental Business School, Debra Engelhardt-Nash will inspire your team to better understand how their efforts affect practice growth, and will give ideas to increase productivity and patient acceptance in this impactful 12-hour program!

Lecture and workshop topics will include:

  • Creating THE Customer service Culture that Differentiates Your Practice
  • Practice Development & Team Roles
  • Introductions – “Creating The First Impression”
  • Your New Patient Protocol
  • Effective Communications – Patients/Team
  • Treatment Presentation – How To Get To “Yes!”
  • Continuing Care Systems – How Effective Is Your Recare Program?
  • Office Systems – Scheduling/Financial Arrangements/Fees
  • Which Numbers Really Count?
  • Diagnosing Practice Vital Signs/Establishing Practice Monitors
  • Examining Overhead Ratios and Profitably
  • Financial Arrangements – Fee For Service/Dental Insurance/Accounts Receivable Control

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