I wanted to personally thank you for everything this weekend [at Dental Business School]. You gave me hope not only for myself and my career in Dentistry but for my office in which I love and take pride. I am so excited to implement all the changes we learned about this weekend so that we can all go to another level. Again thank you for everything Debra!
Chris Gomila, Dr. Bana
Debra, as I count my many blessings on Thanksgiving Day, I wanted to tell you what a GIFT you have been to my team, my practice, my patients, and to me!   I can’t believe what you were able to accomplish in just one day of observation and consulting!   I knew, from being in your audience at AADPA, you were so bright, experienced, articulate and FUN—so I guess shouldn’t have been surprised—but the stellar insights you had (regarding our problems AND our potential solutions) were nothing short of GENIUS.  As is often the case, we just couldn’t see the forest through the trees.   Thank you so much for casting your beam of light and foraging our growth. I’m looking forward to having you back when we are further along the path on which you set us forth. 
Susan Maples, DDS
When I first met Debra I was delighted by her fresh, clear and insightful approach to REAL issues.  Her ability to speak and guide all members of our team with enthusiasm is what gives her the edge we have been looking for.  Debra sparks energy for growth.
Julie Humphries, RDH, Shelby Dental Care Center
The day we spent with Debra was so insightful. She customized the information she presented specifically to our office’s needs. She gave us so many practical ways to improve upon how we do things daily.  In just a few weeks we have implemented many of the items on our action plan and are excited about the changes made.  The day was so positive and motivating that it just flew by. The whole team left excited about the direction the office is heading. We highly recommend spending the day with Debra Engelhardt-Nash. You will find that it is time and money well spent.
Annette Eastin, DDS, Krista Gorenchan, DDS, & the Staff at Great Northern Dental Associates
Debra, You were hands down, one of the best Dental Speakers I have heard in a very long time. Thank you for keeping it REAL and sharing things in a tangible way for our team…. Thank you so very much for all of your knowledgeable insight and PASSION for life. I loved every minute.
Cassie Foreman
Debra…just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your course Sunday morning in Denver. Just reviewing my notes for a staff meeting today and have so much to share. Wonderful verbal skills to instill (I’ve used some the last few days already!).
Dr. James Setterberg, James Setterberg, DDS
Thank you so much for everything this morning! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a captivated audience and buy-in from the entire group. The amount of participation you had was amazing. I appreciate your ability to cater to the group that we had and really bring great value to the office. I look forward to having you back again soon.
Carisse Platt, 3M
“From the moment she enters the room there is a feeling that life as you know it is about to change. Debra Engelhardt-Nash is more than one of the most requested speakers in dentistry she is a human treasure that must be experienced.  As a close friend for the past 15 years Debra does not just speak about excellence she lives it on and off the stage. If you are looking for a presenter that will leave your attendees energized, educated and effective than look no further than Debra.  Her hallmark humor, passion and down to earth approach move her audience to take action. I would without reservation recommend Debra for your next conference and experience the power of a true professional.”
Gary Zelesky, Speaker: 'The Passion Expert'
“Debra Nash is one of the most Relevant, dynamic, and entertaining lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.  Every little tidbit of information that she delivers with style, amounts to increased patient retention, case acceptance, and an overall increase in practice revenue.”
Les Rykiss, DMD
“Debra Engelhardt-Nash knows how to achieve the exceptional patient experience. Whether she’s speaking on leadership or consulting on business systems her magic works…. If you choose to apply it!!!!”
Bete Johnson, Director of Business Development
“Debra Engelhardt-Nash is an engaging speaker who laces humor with very poignant, relevant information for your dental practice.  Debra will have you and your team laughing, crying and ribbing each other as you think about how your practice is run.  She can relate because she runs a very successful dental practice with her husband, Dr Ross Nash.  I have crisscrossed the continent and have sat in numerous meetings. I can say without hesitation that Debra is one of the premier speakers in the country. She has [spoken at] all the major dental conferences. Debra always packs a room and is very approachable to help afterwards talk to anyone who stays behind. “
Don Clark, Sr Business Development, Smile Reminder
“Debra supported our team in building knowledge and confidence when working with patients and each other.  The two-day course was professional, comprehensive, and thought provoking.  Debra totally engaged our staff through the use of anecdotal examples and humour which helped to make the lessons we learned memorable and applicable.  Before taking the course, our hygiene was not realizing its full potential.  After taking this course, and within two years, we realized a 43% increase in hygiene production!   I fully endorse Debra Englehardt-Nash’s practice management course, and would recommend it as a way to breathe new life and energy into any dental practice.”
Michael Walden, DDS
 “I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the wonderful practice management tips you shared with me at the Star of the North Conference in St. Paul.  I feel I learned so much and am so excited to apply what I learned to my practice.  Debra, I’m sure you’ve heard it before but you are an excellent presenter.  Not only is your content terrific, but your speaking skills and humor are delightful.  It was my pleasure spending my Saturday with you.  My only regret is that I missed your Friday presentation so I bought the CD.  Thank you, sincerely, for touching my life – both professionally and personally – all for the better.” 
Laura Aeschlimann, DDS
“We really enjoyed the seminar ….  We were wishing that the whole staff had attended. We have a staff meeting coming up and we always share with the other staff what we learned at the convention, since we all take different courses. Thank you very much, and thank you again for a great seminar!”
Donna Wilkins, Dental Administrator
“[S]ince we attended your course almost exactly 2 years ago, life around here has changed.  The lessons we learned from dear Debra have become a mainstay in our day to day routines resulting in tangible results…. While attending your course, we announced to our staff that we would be building a new office.  It has been quite a journey but we have arrived and are very proud of our new digs. “
Gail Walden
“Thank you for the outstanding presentation on Friday.  I’m so glad I attended and have a lot to share with my staff on Monday!”
Madeline Utterback, DMD
“First, let me express a huge thank you for the amazing lecture and inspiration yesterday.  I am in the office this morning setting goals and typing the notes so that I can review and motivate my staff to make things happen.”
Stacie Calian, DDS
“Thanks again for your presentation last evening! I’ve seen a lot of speakers over the last 3 years and I have to say that I enjoyed your program the best! I am seriously considering taking my staff to one of your 2 day programs! I’m so glad I found you!”
Melissa Wilson, Vision Engineer
“…thanks for a fabulous day with our team”
Rick Bowen, DDS